Mold Remediation

Nobody likes mold growing inside their home, it smells and can be dangerous. All it needs to flourish is oxygen, a food source (paper, dirt, dust, etc...) and moisture. Control the moisture and you control the mold. We know how.

Mold Remediation

"Umpire did a fantastic job addressing several mold- and water-damage-related needs for us. Stephen was extremely responsive, communication was super clear, and they did really nice work at a far better price than we had obtained elsewhere. I would highly recommend them!" Rich Cohn

All About Mold Remediation with Umpire

Why choose us? Because we remove the mold, professionally and practically. If you have visible mold - we develop a plan to remove it and prevent it's reoccurrence. If you don't see mold, but suspect it's there, we coordinate independent testing to see if mold is growing. Then, with your agreement, we get started working. When we are done your home is clean and restored, better than before!

And, if your insurance is involved, we send them all the paperwork so you don't have to. Every step is communicated with you, so we do what you want, from call to happiness.

Lastly, if you need our help with the repairs and construction, we can help with the rebuild too. We do as much or as little as you want.

Lets get your home restored!

We can start helping you today - 24/7 emergency service