Umpire makes mitigation simple so everyone benefits.

Umpire is an instant booking, flat priced mitigation platform for water, fire, and mold damage services. Our platform saves money for homeowners and insurance companies. Saves hours and frustrating negotiation calls for insurance adjusters. Increases happy homeowners that renew again for insurance agents. And, we pay our teams most of the revenue from each job so they thrive too.

The Origins of

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It started in 1962 when a father led the way with his own mitigation business to feed his family's future. Later, his son, while cleaning fire damaged comic books, began a lifetime of mitigation and a vision of opportunity for all.

What does our logo mean?
Our blue undo fan in the p. The fan is a nod to our roots in drying jobs. The fan turned upside down represents changing our industry. The undo icon shows we undo the damage. The p is a reminder that we are for people first, with price savings and profit for all.

Why the Umpire name?
Cause we love baseball? Nope, soccer is our game! Two reasons:

First, baseball reminds us of the phrase as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. The feeling of opportunity for all. We even had a catchy slogan at one point, "Making mitigation fair." Unlike traditional companies that pay lower hourly rates, our teams earn a middle class income.

Second, if you look up the definition, you will find: um·pire - an official who watches a game or match closely to enforce the rules. Making sure everything is done right is a big part of what we do.

Big savings with Umpire

Water, fire and mold cleanup, drying & prevention is what we do. Social good is why we do it. Our goal is financial thrive for every stakeholder; insurance agents, claims adjusters, investors, teams, and homeowners.

And when we say savings, we mean direct and indirect, money and time. All with
happy homeowners that thank companies for sending Umpire.

Average savings of our clients compared to other companies
100+ Yrs
Of combined experience within Umpire
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Real Jobs

The proof is in the pudding. The numbers and reviews below are samplings of actual jobs. Umpire flat pricing consistently brings savings and happy homeowners.

See How Umpire Works

Instant booking is easier than calling, faster than a call center, try it out below and see for yourself. Then, contact us to chat about our 30+ years of experience, 23 reasons why it works so well, how our system is validated from 2017 and on, and lastly - we will solve what came first: the chicken or the egg (as relates to the insurance industry).