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Safely disinfect and kill viruses too
Save you around 44% on the bill
Work with insurance for you

Backed by 30 years of experience helping homes and businesses clean up after a disaster. Currently serving Virginia, Maryland, and DC.

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One room or three levels, always really happy homeowners.


I had a great experience with Umpire.  Of the 2 "BIG Brand Names" one showed up with strange prices and the other did not show. Umpire was suggested by the insurance company.  They gave us a great estimate, ...quickly...and were ready to work right away. The quality was excellent, on time and on budget.

Jess Posey

Umpire Mitigation was there for us when our basement flooded. They came out the same day, were professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They made things very easy for us and they did great work. We highly recommend!

Rachel Lindholm

Umpire came highly recommended and we’ve worked with Stephen Simmons and his team three times this year. On each occasion, it was an absolute pleasure working with this company and we would happily recommend them to anyone looking for flooding remediation support!

Leslie Larson

Fantastic experience. Umpire Mitigation answered my call after business hours, spent significant time on the phone with me to assess my issue and define a path forward. Umpire then came out promptly to assess what was going on and provide a detailed opinion on next steps. Supremely customer focused. I highly, highly recommend Umpire Mitigation.

Keith St. Germain

Umpire did a fantastic job addressing several mold and water damage related needs for us. Stephen was extremely responsive, communication was super clear, and they did really nice work at a far better price than we had obtained elsewhere. I would highly recommend them!

Rich Cohn

I am so pleased with Umpire. They made a rough situation due to a grease fire go by a lot smoother. The work completed was efficient, and Stephen is very friendly and easy to work with. Our home looks amazing!! Thank you so much!

Paula Severiche
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Why choose Umpire?


Book easily and instantly

Minutes count in a crisis. So you can book a service instantly online, with no wasted phone calls or waiting for help—the average arrival time is 1 hour from booking.


Save time, money and hassle

Flat pricing saves you around 44% compared to other mitigation companies who charge line item rates, and we bill insurers direct, so you don't have to lift a finger.


Get local expert experience

The best mitigators are small businesses owners who care. So we tap into a national network of them, to bring you superior service with a local touch. These are our teams.

Stay in the loop

Reach our friendly human team by call, text, email, or chatbot. And whether you're a homeowner, insurance agent, or insurance adjuster, you'll always be kept updated.

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Our promise and process

We care about your home just as much as you do. To keep service standards high, all our teams are:

Fully trained and certified
Fully insured
Background checked
Maintain a 4.5 to 5 star rating
All jobs are documented with before & after photos
All jobs come with a 1-year guarantee
Our process is fast

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers
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Will my homeowner's insurance cover water damage?

Homeowner's insurance normally covers damage that is sudden and accidental. Examples are water heater ruptures, washer hose leak, pipe bursts, toilet overflows. Flooding from heavy rains, rivers, sewer backups is normally not covered by standard homeowners policies. To confirm coverage, always ask your insurance agent. Whether insurance is paying or not, our flat pricing is 44% less than competitors.

Do I need to wait to confirm coverage before you start the water damage cleanup?

No, we normally come out sooner than later to get everything dry and prevent more damage like mold growth. If it ends up being a covered loss we can send everything to your insurance for you. Covered loss or not, we are happy to quote pricing anytime you ask.

Who is involved in the insurance claims process?

If we are on the job, we take before and after pictures for you and send everything (with your approval), including the invoice, to insurance when the mitigation is complete. You can see more on the insurance roles of claims professionals here.

What does your flat pricing cover for water damage?

Our flat pricing covers the following services needed to properly dry the average water damage: photo document before & after, moisture readings before & after, move contents as needed, extract water, save carpet or remove carpet, remove padding, remove tackless, remove baseboard, remove drywall & insulation under 100 square feet, haul debris outside and take away, clean floor, apply anti-microbial, place & pickup fans and dehumidifiers, and customer satisfaction.

How do you know if there is water under my floors or behind my walls?

Our teams use experience, thermal cameras, and moisture meters to find all hidden moisture.

How long does it take to dry my home after water damage?

If the team is allowed to do everything they recommend, 1-3 days is the dry time.

Do I need to find a contractor to do the repairs after the water cleanup and drying is done?

We can do as much as you want or as little. If you have a contractor you love and just want us to dry the water damage, that's what we will do. If you would like us to do the rebuild, we can help coordinate everything. It's your choice.

Do you do commercial buildings as well?

Yes. We do residential homes, commercial offices, and retail stores. If it's wet or smoked up we clean it.

What’s the first thing I should do after a fire?

After the fire is out, check with the firemen to make sure it's safe to reenter your home. Next, call your insurance agent or company to make a claim and get help with resources. Be wary of signing any contract with anyone that comes to your home uninvited claiming to help you, these "fire chasers" are usually not good and may cost you additional money. We recommend, and offer, free advice and estimates with no strings attached.

If the fire damage is small, can I clean it myself?

Maybe, it depends on what burned and your DIY skills. We still recommend calling us for free advice before trying to clean yourself. Soot and smoke can be dangerous to inhale and you could miss damage to the structural integrity of your house. Training, equipment, and the correct cleaning products are necessary to restore everything to their original condition. So, if you do try to clean yourself, sometimes you may make the damage worse. We are happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions.

Is it safe to stay in my home during the fire damage cleanup?

It may or may not be safe to remain in your home during the cleanup. It depends on the amount of fire damage, utilities working, and other factors. Some small fires might not pose a risk to your health, while larger fires can leave soot and smoke that is dangerous to inhale until it is completely removed. We will be able to advise you on whether or not we think the home is habitable so you can make an informed choice.

How long does fire damage cleanup take?

Depends on the amount of the fire damage, size of the home, and the insurance company’s processes. It also depends on whether or not your home has other forms of damage, like water and mold damage. The average time to cleanup after fire damage is one week.

What about my wet or fire damaged contents?

We can help you evaluate what contents can be saved. If your insurance company is involved, we strongly recommend you DO NOT dispose of any contents until you communicate with insurance and understand their replacement process and your policy coverage/limits. Even if your insurance company agrees to replace damaged contents, their process may require an independent appraiser to value the item and may need to physically see item(s) BEFORE disposal.

Can you prevent water damage? fire damage?

Absolutely! There are affordable sensors and subscriptions that help prevent water and fire damage. They usually cost less than your deductible. Email us at to find out how.

We've seen more wet basements than most

Umpire founders are qualified, experienced professionals who've experienced every problem you'll ever face! You can see a sample of Stephen's, one of the founders and a 30+ year mitigation industry veteran, thinking in the video below from our Fair Play by Umpire game.

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Why insurers love us too...

Give homeowners the best service

Because our process is smooth for insurers and customers, homeowners will thank you for getting us to fix their problems. Get in touch and we'll be happy to stop by your agency or do a virtual visit.

Avoid hassle with calculating claims

Our flat pricing model means you don’t need to waste hours on estimates, calculations, or line-item negotiations. Instead, claims are closed and paid faster with happy homeowners.

Effortless to set up with your systems

You don’t have to move a mountain to work with us. Our platform is cloud-based and straightforward, with no training, roll-out, or software costs. One simple video for your team explains it all.

Good things for good people

We think that those who love helping others should make a good living. So unlike traditional companies, we pay our teams most of the revenue from each job. We provide education and training too.

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