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There are many incentives for making your home more environmentally friendly. Not only will you be helping the planet and doing your part to keep our ecological footprint down, but there’s also real health benefits for you and your family as well.

Why You Should Consider Choosing Green Materials

Less chemical exposure

We already know that modern day building materials are designed to last a long time and because of that, they are often made with synthetic materials and treated with chemicals. When you opt for more natural alternatives, you can cut your chemical exposure significantly and reduce the likelihood that sensitive individuals experience discomforts like headaches, skin irritation, runny nose, sneezing, and coughing.

Cleaner air inside your home

Quite a few manufactured materials have a period of what’s called “off-gassing” when installed. For less sensitive people, it may only affect them for a few days or weeks. For more sensitive people, it could affect them for months or longer. When you choose green products, you will have a good chance of reducing exposure since many manufacturers make it a point to create products with no or limited off-gassing. 

Ease of use

Since many “green” products have limited chemical agents and off-gassing, the ease of use is higher. Much like how painting a room with low-VOC paint is a whole different experience than with traditional paints, using earth-friendly materials in other parts of your home can be simple & straightforward and the benefits are usually immediate.

More affordable now than ever

Thanks to technology and some excellent resource management, accessing and affording green materials is easier than ever. There’s been a push for safe and sustainable products, and more companies have entered the market. All that added competition equals better selection and price shopping for savvy consumers like you.

Going green is a selling point if you ever list your home

Consumers appreciate earth-conscious materials. The marketing around sustainability and renewable resources is strong, and home buyers are paying attention. Even if your whole house is not green, you can point out what is and sometimes achieve a higher selling price because of it.

Just as shoppers readily recognize that double-pane vinyl windows are more energy efficient than old wood or metal ones, more people are coming to understand that reduced chemical exposure is a benefit. It also doesn’t hurt that a lot of green products (like bamboo flooring and reclaimed wood) are trendy too.

Green Options Everyone Will Love

  • Low-VOC paint: reduces volatile organic compounds in the air during and after painting your home.
  • Bamboo flooring: fast-growing bamboo is both strong and beautiful. It’s available in a variety of finishes, it’s very durable and even resistant to termites.
  • Cork flooring: softer underfoot than traditional hard flooring, cork is a happy compromise for people who like the more cushioned feel of carpet but want something durable and easier to clean like laminate & hardwood.
  • Reclaimed wood & metal: attractive recycled products are usually well received. Reclaimed wood and metal can be stylish additions to a contemporary interior.
  • Passive heating & cooling: keeping those energy bills down is a big plus for homeowners, and passive heating and cooling does just that. Solar energy systems can offset your utility bill and reduce the cost of both heating and cooling. By using sun shades and awnings or a strategically-placed tree, you can keep your cooling bill down.

For more ideas on how you can make your home safer and more efficient or  learn about flood, fire, and mold mitigation and how you can be a proactive homeowner, visit our blog.