It pays to stay ahead of the weather

The weather isn’t as predictable as it used to be. Extreme conditions like blistering heatwaves, blustery snowstorms, and big blasts of heavy rain are happening more often and more suddenly, causing untold damage to homes and businesses.

But all this can be avoided.

With enough warning about severe weather, your clients can take steps to protect their property or premises. And to help them stay prepared, we’ve partnered with subscription weather service Currently!

How it works

We’ll send you or your clients a text message whenever wild weather is on the way, along with some tips for how to defend against it. Like this…

Sample text alert

Helping your clients avoid water, fire and mold damage from extreme weather will reduce the amount of claims made, so you can keep premiums competitive at renewal time – and stop them turning to another insurer.

How to sign up

If you're an insurance agent

Fill in your details on this sign-up form to receive heavy weather text alerts to your phone, which you can pass on to your clients via text or email.

Or tell your clients to visit this page and sign up using the details below.

If you're a homeowner

Select your participating Insurance Agent's name below and text 'UMPIRE+Agent Name' to (833) 861-1130

*Currently available for the Washington, DC metro area and Richmond, VA.

We can also help prevent... call us to find out more.

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