Could you dodge four baseballs at once? (maybe, with our help!)

If I threw four baseballs at you right now, how many do you think you could dodge? Two? Maybe three? You’ve got no chance of dodging all four though.

Now imagine those balls were big fat splodges of rain, powering down towards you from the sky at 100mph. You’re going to get wet, right?

This kind of howling rain doesn’t fall very often, but a scary weather phenomenon called microbursts have been more frequent across the US in the past few years.

These things are basically the opposite of tornadoes, so rather than sucking up everything in their path, they dump several inches of rain down in just a few minutes.

What if one fell on your home?

If you are prepared you can prevent weather-related damage. Simple things
like cleaning leaves off outside drains before a storm can stop a flooded
basement. We’ve partnered withto help save you.

We’ll alert you, before it happens, when a weather event may affect your home and remind you how to prevent damage. It’s FREE for Umpire’s Insurance Agent customers. *Currently available for the Washington, DC metro area and Richmond, VA.

To sign up, select your participating Agent's name below and text 'UMPIRE+Agent Name' to (833) 861-1130

Insurance agent and want to be added to our list?

AND, You’ll also have the ability to ask questions to a team of meteorologists about anything weather or climate-related — incoming snowstorms, outdoor sports forecasts, etc — and request your own custom forecasts at no extra charge.

We can also help prevent... call us to find out more.

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