Umpire makes mitigation simple so everyone benefits.

Umpire is an instant booking, flat priced mitigation platform for water, fire and mold damage services. Our platform saves time, money and increases quality for insurance companies, property management and homeowners. Created passionately and purposefully for social good.

Umpire origins

It started in 1962 when a father led the way with his own mitigation business to feed his family's future. Later, his son, while cleaning fire damaged comic books, began a lifetime of mitigation and a vision of opportunity for all.

Founded in 2017

Our leadership

Are business experts.

Our management team has C-level leadership, multiple operations, enterprise sales, scale experience, and a combined 100+ years.

Our advisors are seasoned insurance executives that know the industry.

Developed by 30 Yr. Expert

Logo & icon

Our blue undo fan in the p. The fan is a nod to our roots in drying jobs. The fan turned upside down represents changing our industry. The undo icon shows we undo the damage. The p is a reminder that we are for people first, with price savings and profit for all.

Savings up to 44%

Our goal

Water, fire and mold cleanup, drying & prevention is what we do. Social good is why we do it. Our goal is financial thrive for all.

Creates Middle-Class Jobs

Umpire teams

Are local people who care and enjoy working in the field to make things better.

Headquartered near D.C.

Umpire mission

Changing the mitigation industry by keeping it simple and getting it done.

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Our values

Whatever you do, do it really well. Integrity should guide all our actions. People should grow and thrive, not just survive.

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